Hi there! 


I’m Emma, a born-and-raised NYC photographer. I currently split my time between the city and Durham, North Carolina where I attend university.


I first fell in love with photography when I stole my mom’s camera on a family vacation as a kid, and I’ve never looked back since. One of my proudest middle school moments was hosting an all-day garage sale to buy my first point-and-shoot camera, which also earned me a serious sunburn. (It was worth it.)


Since my middle school days, I’ve vastly expanded my work, shooting everything from editorials to theater productions to galas. I love working on a diverse array of projects and constantly pushing myself to try new things!


When I’m not shooting, editing photos, or talking with clients, you can find me going on hikes with my puppy Lana, bingeing Netflix, and expanding my hardcover book collection.

What I’m About:


Capturing a sense of authenticity, beauty, and meaning in each individual moment.


Making photos that are genuine to you, whether that means making pancakes and wearing pajamas in your kitchen, running through a forest in a ballgown, or anywhere in between.


Creating beautiful, timeless images that you’ll love to look at now and in the future.


Working with you to create an all-around amazing experience.

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